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Founded in 1958 by four determined women psychoanalysts who were committed to the highest level of professional development, IPTAR remains true to our founders’ vision of an inclusive, ever-evolving psychoanalysis. IPTAR became a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) in 1980. In addition to our world-renowned training program in Adult Psychoanalysis, IPTAR created an IPA approved Integrated Track in Adult and Child Psychoanalysis. Other innovative programs at IPTAR include an LP track leading to licensure as a psychoanalyst in New York State, the Respecialization Program in which those interested in psychoanalysis can get a deeper understanding of the field before making a commitment to training as an analyst, a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program (CAP), the Anni Bergman Parent-Infant Program, the Gould Center for Psychoanalytic Organizational Study and Consultation, the International Students Program (SEVIS), an Asylum program and an internship/externship program. The IPTAR Clinical Center (ICC), recognized by the American Psychoanalytic Association as one of the finest community mental health centers in the United States, provides reduced cost, high quality psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in many languages to the NYC community.

Adult Program

Becoming a psychoanalyst at IPTAR is intense, rigorous, and rewarding.  Through study, intensive supervision and personal analysis, you will learn to deeply understand human character and development in the context of personal relationships, history, and culture.Read More »


True to Freud’s vision of a multidisciplinary psychoanalysis, we welcome applicants with an advanced degree from all academic and professional fields, including the humanities, social sciences, education, law, medicine, and the arts.Read More »

Child and Adolescence Program

CAP is a three-year certificate program with intensive supervision and clinical placements offering training in the psychoanalytic treatment of children, and adolescents.  Courses include play therapy, parent work, trauma and case seminars.Read More »

Internship/Externship in Psychoanalytic Studies

Unique among internship and externship opportunities, doctoral psychology and social work students have the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with psychoanalytic concepts and how they are implemented in research and practice.Read More »

The L.J. Gould Center

Providing a space for the ongoing study of group and organizational life, we seek to address challenges, discontents, and the creative potential for persons in their Roles within the groups, organizations and systems they inhabit, and that inhabit them.Read More »

The Anni Bergman Parent-Infant Program

Providing innovative educational experiences for over 20 years, we aim to teach and advance the burgeoning fields of infant observation, infant research, and the psychotherapeutic treatment of parents and infants.Read More »

Integrated Track

Candidates simultaneously train in adult and child psychoanalysis, completing the adult program as well as courses in child development, analysis, and psychotherapy, as well as a yearlong infant observation seminar.Read More »

NYS License Eligible Program In Psychoanalysis (LP)

Candidates from Respecialization as well as unlicensed clinicians from other countries entering the Adult Program will have the opportunity to meet the coursework and clinical requirements for an LP.Read More »

International Candidates Program (SEVIS)

Since 2008, IPTAR has been authorized to accept non-immigrant foreign students making them eligible for an F-1 visa. SEVIS candidates enhance our cultural knowledge and help us more effectively treat the diverse community of patients we encounter.Read More »

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