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NYS License

Eligible Program In Psychoanalysis

IPTAR offers an additional pathway towards becoming a psychoanalyst. IPTAR has always had a tradition of training individuals who are interested in psychoanalysis even if they do not have a mental health background. All individuals who have at least a Master’s Degree in another academic field may study at IPTAR and complete the New York State License Eligible Program in Psychoanalysis.

Coursework for this program includes IPTAR’s Adult Psychoanalytic Program with additional courses in Child Abuse Identification, Research in Psychotherapy, and Ethics. Upon completion of the New York State License eligible program, individuals sit for the state exam in Psychoanalysis and upon passing the exam become licensed as a Psychoanalyst (LP).

For more information about NYS License Program, please contact:

LP Chair

Dr. Joan Hoffenberg



Eva Atsalis