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The Integrated Training Track (ITT) in Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis

The ITT Track was established with the understanding that study of and work with infants children and adolescents can greatly inform and enrich psychoanalytic work with adults as well as be richly rewarding and professionally enhancing in itself.

Candidates in IPTAR’s Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program have the option to simultaneously train in child and adolescent psychoanalysis. Upon completion of the child and adolescent requirements of the ITT, candidates are recognized as child and adolescent psychoanalysts. A certificate in Child Psychotherapy also can be obtained as an interim certificate upon completion of IPTAR’s Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program (CAP) requirements.

Candidates in Adult Psychoanalytic Training at IPTAR have the option to undergo simultaneous training in child psychoanalysis. In addition to the adult psychoanalytic curriculum, candidates in the Integrated Training Track take additional required courses in IPTAR’s Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program; courses in child analysis; a yearlong infant observation seminar; and see two child psychoanalytic cases supervised by child analysts.


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Who can apply?

Requirements for completion

  1. Completion of all IPTAR Adult Psychoanalytic courses.
  2. Completion of all CAP courses with the exception of the Freud course, the 
Developmental Sequence courses, Winnicott, Klein, and two Case Seminars. The ITT candidate, in consultation with the Advisor and review of the ITT Training Committee, can be granted exemption from additional CAP courses. This decision is based on the candidate’s previous training and experience in child and adolescent treatment.
  3. Completion of the one-year Infant Observation Seminar offered by The Anni Bergman Parent-Infant Program.
  4. Completion of four Clinical/Theoretical Case Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis. Each seminar is for 12 weeks. These case seminars must be taken in conjunction with conducting child analytic control work.
  5. Completion of two child analytic cases supervised by child analysts, one case at a minimum of 4/week, and one case at a minimum of 3/week. Both cases must be seen for a minimum of two years. One case may be an adolescent.
  6. Yearly summaries of analytic cases must be submitted.
  7. Candidates are required to submit a final case write-up on one of the cases to the ITT executive committee and to present that case to a committee.


Laura Kleinerman

Esther Savitz

ITT Program Committee

Phyllis Beren, Sally Moskowitz, Kate Muldowney, Rita Reiswig, Ken Winarick.

Recruitment Advisor

If have questions about the program, please contact:

Esther Savitz



Laura Kleinerman



Technical Problems / Support

If you experience any issues with the form, please contact help@iptar.org


Application Fee payable with Credit/Debit Card