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Clinical/Research Externship

Pre-Psychoanalytic Training Program (Intern-Externship)

The IPTAR program of clinical training is unique in the field of available internship and externship opportunities. A small number of students enrolled in doctoral psychology or social work programs have an opportunity to become intimately acquainted with psychoanalytic concepts and how they are implemented in practice. The program involves a half-time commitment for one year in the externship program and for two years in the internship program.

Whereas the clinical commitments may be satisfied throughout the week, it is during the 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Thursday meetings at the IPTAR office that students are immersed in the three themes that give the internship/externship its unique flavor: a theoretical seminar on current concepts and controversies, a rotating clinical seminar on psychoanalytically informed treatment process and diagnosis, and a seminar on research, culture, and art.

Program Highlights


Clinical Case Seminar

At weekly meetings led by senior IPTAR analysts, students present the ongoing process of their treatment cases. The focus here is on clinical process and its implementation. It is here that the understanding of clinical process based upon knowledge derived from the seminar on concepts described below links up with live clinical discussions.

The Seminar On Current Concepts And Controversies

This seminar, the centerpiece of the program, offers students a detailed view of the range of contemporary concepts that guide clinical technique. This examination of critical issues is presented by some of the leading voices in the field.

Seminar on Research, Art and Culture

This seminar focuses on the cultural realm and the ways in which psychoanalytic ideas are explored through various artistic manifestations. It will also present some psychoanalytic perspectives on the larger culture. Finally, some discussion of research ideas is included. Students will have an opportunity to present their dissertation research or other research in which they are currently working.

Clinical Experience

Through the resources of the IPTAR Clinical Center (ICC), the student becomes engaged in meaningful psychotherapy experiences with both adults and adolescents, treatment that may extend with adults beyond the first year. Through the resources of the satellite clinic, students become immersed in therapy of gifted adolescents attending a charter school.

Application Process

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Deadline for Applications

IPTAR follows the APA guidelines for applications for psychology graduate students. The deadline is usually mid-January. Details are available on the APA externship website. Social work students can apply through April.


Students who wish to be considered for the Pre-Psychoanalytic Training Program (Intern-Externship) are asked to prepare a brief statement describing their particular interest in IPTAR as well as their graduate work completed thus far, both academically and clinically. Areas of particular interest include the students’ familiarity with or interest in the issues considered relevant to the nature of the program. A list of courses taken should be included. Two references by professors or supervisors with whom students are currently working, are required.

Please send your application (including e-mail address and telephone number) to both:

Dr. Carolyn Feigelson

Dr. Judith Lasky

Recruitment Advisor

Please send your application via email to:

Dr. Carolyn Feigelson


Dr. Judith Lasky