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Close Process Groups

IPTAR offers three monthly close process groups where members and candidates look at clinical material together. In all three, the group starts with limited background material and proceeds to look at process with an eye towards deepening our understanding. Candidates in the Clinical Practicum choose a group and commit to it for the course of the year.

Clinical Conundrums

Clinical Conundrums meets on the Third Wednesday of the month from 1-2:30. The group is led by Laura Kleinerman and is inspired by close-process seminars held in France and similar to Tavistock Clinical Groups.  Each month, a different clinician brings process with a particular conundrum in mind. All candidates and members are welcome to attend either regularly or when they are available.

LGBTQ Supervision Group

The LGBTQ Supervision Group provides a clinical context in which to think psychoanalytically about manifestations of sexuality and gender as they emerge in therapeutic interaction. Our perspective is both intersectional and non-normative, with a strong emphasis on tracking unconscious responses in patient, therapist and group, to the destabilizing effects of polymorphous sexuality. Co-facilitated by Ana Fishzon and Sam Semper, the LGBTQ Supervision Group meets the final Friday of each month from 10:30—12:00. All candidates and members are welcome to attend regularly or when they are available.

Race, Class, and Culture in the Clinical Encounter

Race, Class, and Culture in the Clinical Encounter, led by Kirkland Vaughans will meet on an occasional basis. It is limited to eight participants, so if you choose this group, please let us know a second choice that would be possible for you.

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