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Respecialization Program

A pre-psychoanalytic training sequence

From its inception, IPTAR has been committed to training anyone interested in psychoanalysis. The Respecialization Program is a two-year program designed to give those who come from many other fields, including the humanities, social sciences, education, law, medicine and the arts an opportunity to begin their immersion in the world of psychoanalysis. 

In addition, there may be those individuals who are coming from a mental health background, but who have limited clinical experience or limited exposure to psychoanalytic thought. For these people, the Respecialization Program becomes an opportunity to consider in depth training in the field and begin gaining clinical experience.


The Respecialization Program follows the regular IPTAR course calendar for starting and ending dates and vacations. As in the full program some courses meet for eight week quarters, and some for sixteen-week halves of the year.

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Candidates are evaluated by instructors in all courses. In addition, candidates are asked to evaluate their instructors in order to maintain a high level of instruction.

Program Highlights

The Clinical Practicum

Unique in New York City, IPTAR’s “Clinical Practicum” is designed for recent mental health graduates and those entering psychoanalytic training from other fields. 

Closely integrated with coursework, the program offers candidates a strong foundation of supervised experience with a range of patients so as to position them to work with confidence by the time they are licensed to practice independently. Candidates with no previous clinical experience are required to participate in the Clinical Practicum under the guidance of the IPTAR Clinical Center. with supervision provided free of charge, for the full academic year.

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The Year One

Candidates gain clinical experience through: participation in the ICC’s schools program, a Clinical Process group and shadowing intakes with advanced candidates. After conducting supervised intakes, and after a matriculation interview in March, candidates may begin seeing an adult patient in psychotherapy.

The Second Year

Candidates continue to participate in the Clinical Process group, do intakes and work with up to three patients in the ICC. 

Candidates with mental health clinical experience can immediately begin doing individual psychotherapy at the IPTAR Clinical Center.


In addition to the opportunity of becoming a member of a vibrant intellectual community, IPTAR offers a number of valuable resources to its candidates, including a comprehensive psychoanalytic library and access to PEP WEB; a vital candidates’ organization; and the IPTAR Clinical Center (ICC). Through the ICC, candidates may be referred to patients and begin to develop a private practice.


IPTAR is an interdisciplinary Institute offering training to all individuals who are interested in the field of Psychoanalysis. Individuals with backgrounds in the humanities, the social services and the arts must have at least a Master’s degree. The Admissions committee will consider those applications received by May 15th for the upcoming fall class (2021-2022). Upon receipt of all materials, the admissions committee contacts the applicant to arrange for two interviews. The applicant is notified about the committee’s decision after review of the applicant’s material is complete.

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Personal Training Analysis

Candidates in Respecialization are required to be in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with an IPTAR fellow or an approved IPA analyst

Deadline for Applications

Respecialization Program: The deadline is May 15th, 2024 for consideration for the following fall class. Please note only completed applications will be considered

Information Needed for Application

The application takes an average of 16 minutes to complete and most people do so on a PC or laptop. Since the application is detailed, having the following documents on hand before you begin is a good idea:

  • A personal essay saved in PDF format. In it, include your understanding of why you wish to enter the field of psychoanalysis; how you feel the IPTAR training program will meet your professional goals, and anything else you would like to tell us.
  • Your resume saved in PDF format
  • Names and dates of attendance of educational institutions
  • Personal treatment details including the name, address, phone number and affiliation of the therapist
  • Dates of treatment, number of sessions per week and total sessions
  • Details of your experience as a psychotherapist in a clinical setting (if any) including the institution, name of supervisor and dates.
  • Details of your private training as a psychotherapist in private practice (if any) including the name of your supervisor, frequency of supervision and dates
  • The names of two references and their addresses and date of your professional relationship

Reference Letters

The application requires two Letters of Recommendation.

You can have your references either email their letters of recommendation to admissions@iptar.org

or they can mail them to:

IPTAR Admissions
C/O Tessa Peteete
1651 3rd Ave – Suite 205. New York NY 10128

Application Process


Click on the image to download the PDF


If have questions about the program, please contact:

Ellen Marakowitz, Ph.D, LP


Technical Problems / Support

If you experience any issues with the form, please contact help@iptar.org


Application Fee payable with Credit/Debit Card