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Founded in 1958 as a membership society for analysts sharing an interest in psychoanalytic theory and technique, IPTAR continues to be a community committed to the lifelong study of psychoanalysis.

The IPTAR Society is a home for the community of IPTAR analysts. It offers opportunities for the continual reworking of our psychoanalytic identity through dialogue and reflection, in a dialectic between innovation and tradition. Our ongoing psychoanalytic exploration is enhanced by a series of structured programs, scientific meetings, workshops, study groups, research activities, and publications. These are open to the IPTAR membership and candidates, to interested analysts and analysts-in-training, and to the larger mental health community.

Graduates of other IPA institutes and those with equivalent training may apply for IPTAR membership. For more information, please contact the Chair of the Membership Committee, Dr. Ellen Marakowitz:



Committees are a vital and vibrant part of IPTAR’s organizational life.  From admissions to fellowship, from clinic policy to curriculum, every facet of IPTAR is guided by our committees. Some committee chairs are elected and others appointed by the President, the Dean, and the ICC directors. The Chairs in turn select committee members.

If you are interested in joining a committee a complete list can be found in the member/candidate portal.

Psychoanalytic Conferences IPTAR presents a program of four to six conferences each year that reflect both a commitment to a contemporary Freudian perspective as well as a desire to learn about new and challenging ideas from many different points of view. These meetings offer an avenue for creative discussion and have become significant events for the psychoanalytic community. GROUPS Workshops These workshops open to mental health professionals outside of IPTAR, as well as for our own members and candidates, are an opportunity to study with a member of the IPTAR community who has expertise in a particular area. GROUPS for the Mental Health Professions / ICC In-Service Clinical Conundrums Attendees will have the opportunity to think together about a clinical conundrum, difficulty, or impasse that has developed in a treatment situation. We will discuss how transference/countertransference dynamics, resistances, or other issues may be contributing to the impasse with hopes of moving the treatment forward.
Clinical Conundrums meets on the Third Wednesday of the month from 1-2:30. The group is led by Laura Kleinerman and is inspired by close-process seminars held in France and similar to Tavistock Clinical Groups. Each month, a different clinician brings process with a particular conundrum in mind. All candidates and members are welcome to attend either regularly or when they are available.
LGBTQ Supervision Group The LGBTQ Supervision Group provides a clinical context in which to think psychoanalytically about manifestations of sexuality and gender as they emerge in therapeutic interaction. Our perspective is both intersectional and non-normative, with a strong emphasis on tracking unconscious responses in patient, therapist and group, to the destabilizing effects of polymorphous sexuality. Co-facilitated by Brian Kloppenberg and Yukari Yanagino, the LGBTQ Supervision Group meets the final Friday of each month from 10:30—12:00. All candidates and members are welcome to attend regularly or when they are available. GROUPS Race, Class, and Culture
in the Clinical Encounter
Race, Class, and Culture in the Clinical Encounter, led by Kirkland Vaughans will meet on the second Sunday of the month from 4-5:30. It is limited to eight participants, so if you choose this group, please let us know a second choice that would be possible for you. GROUPS

Candidates’ Organization

IPTAR candidates have an active Candidates’ Organization (CO). Although it is independent of the Institute structure, it has the full support of the Institute. The Candidates’ Organization is the voice of the candidates at the Institute and a resource for candidates to learn and gain support from each other. The CO nominates candidates to sit as representatives on the three IPTAR Boards. It channels candidates, who so wish, into many Institute and Society committees and functions.

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